Find realistic, ethical, and responsible AI solutions for your company, institution, or family.
“The use of modern gadgetry cannot supplant the use of proper techniques and principles.” 
– Theodore Schellenberg

Read my substack blog and learn why I do the things i do, and the way that i do them!
See what projects and products Reed has created and offered for clients
There are many opportunities for integrating and enhancing your workplace with materials and tools of all types. We exist to help you know when and how you can best use materials to your advantage. Our services and assets include (but are not limited to):​​​​​​​
informed experience
Reed has hands-on experience with using Generative AI for multiple media and purposes, from education to business to religion to personal matters.
Continuous Support
We will be one email or text away to support your business AI needs! A 24-hour maximum response time is our commitment to you.
Custom GPT Creation
Whatever your data, procedures, or FAQs, Hepler Consulting can help you create whatever tools you need for your particular audiences.
We are here to explore new ideas, brainstorm new Generative AI-related products or processes, or solve issues your company is facing.
Data privacy and confidentiality
All of our procedures and recommendations are made with privacy and confidentiality in mind. Allow us to advise you on data security and confidentiality when it comes to prompting Generative AI tools.
project management
Workflows and product expectations can be tricky to establish, mostly because of the constantly increasing rate of Generative AI tool creation. We can help to create processes and workflows that will establish a reasonable turnaround time for products while maintaining high quality standards.
academic research and fact-checking
As an academic librarian and archivist, Reed has experience performing research on all kinds of topics. His academic research focuses on finding open-access materials and tools. Thus, the resources and workflows he finds can often be utilized for no cost.
provenance information or historical research
Reed has experience discovering and recording the provenance of information, works, and items. He can create thoroughly sourced and accurate provenance reports for archival and personal items. He can also look for historical topics, works, and information.

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